Santa Clara
Pueblo Pottery
by David Yellowmountain Baca
4th generation Indian Potter
David's pottery  is traditionally hand made, from the gathering of the clay right on their
Pueblo, washed, sifted, shaped, polished and repolished with smooth stones, then fired in
his mother's back yard where they have doing it for generations. David also does a
style that is his own. He has been written up in many magazines, hard-bound books and
other articles. He consistently wins awards at dominate Indian shows such as the Santa
Fe Indian Market.  The different styles can also be ordered in any color and sizes. His
pottery can be found at several art galleries in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM  This is a
direct link to David and he welcomes your inqueries and orders.
traditional, hand made, award-winning, highly collected
David's grandfather on the Santa Clara Indian Pueblo
David as a child with his grandfather
during a Feast Day dance
A much younger David dancing at his Pueblo
in full ceremonial dress. They start the
children in the dances as soon as they can
learn them
Red melon bowl, wide vertical
w-5" x  h 2 1/2 "  $500.
Red melon seed pot, wide vertical
small seed hole     w 5" x h 4"
#8         $650.             
Red melon bowl, narrow vertical,
wide mouth   w 5" x  h 3 1/2
#17                 $ 650.                       
Red melon bowl, wide vertical, all
polished, med opening  w 5"x h3 1/2
#11        $650.
Red melon bowl, wide vertical, all
polished, wider mouth & less distinct
lines than #11  $600.    
Red tear drop seed pot, soft flowing pattern
rather than ridges, David's own design.
#15            $1000.          W 5"x h 6 1/4"
Black tear drop seed pot, narrow
vertical ridges,       w 5" x h 3 1/2 "
#7                $500.                  
Black seed pot, narrow ridges,
w 5" x h 3"                $500.
Black "Bear Paw" design bowl, smooth
finish    w 5" x h 4 1/4   $600.
Black tear drop seed pot, narrow vertical
ridges.  w 5" x h 6 1/2"             $700.
David's mother, Angela, as a baby on her mother's
back, c. 1920s
All photos provided by  David
Yellowmountain Baca  and are
copyrighted by the family. No
reproduction of any  kind  without
written permission of the family
David's grandmother baking bread in
the traditional horno oven