New and  Seasonal Items
Ornaments & Gifts from Copper
Great for
Christmas trees,
windows, mirror,
or even as a

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1) Diamond, tooled w/red carnelian gem.....$45.        Email me;

2) Oval, tooled edge, metal medallion.........$45.

3) copper & s/s, long...................................$25.
2)  Round, poofed center w/s/s lg bead, tooled edges and body..............$45.

3)Round, recessed center, tooled body, copper wire woven around edges...$45.
Half-moon shaped, hammered,
larger ornament, with assorted
dangles.          .$45.
Round, sculpted, no center,
large copper rose
This could be a bell or Christmas tree.
Spiral copper wire w/s/s & copper
beads all around. Tooled oval dangle
hangs from the center...........$25
Hand crocheted copper wire
enclosing glass bottle. One of a kind
with glass crystals with copper lining
in hole, and copper beads. 5"
high         $ 78.          one of a kind

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Sq glass vase, wider than deep.
covered with crocheted copper and
suede leather with turquoise stone.
3" h x 3" w x 1 1/2" deep      45.
Med round glass vase,
crocheted copper wire,
burgundy leather around top
neck with silver beads dangling.
Stopper opening.      50.
Tall glass vase, 10" h  crocheted copper
wire at large end, green leather wrapped
around top and onto copper crochet.
Decorated with bronze beads.    75.
4" h unusual glass vase
crocheted in copper wire
and finished with smooth
brn leather bottom,
fastened with copper.
wrapped copper wire on top
with copper bead.       40.
Tall  8" square glass vase, crocheted copper
3/4 up, textured brown, suade/smooth
leather wrapped around top and attached  to
copper with beads.                             70.
Some vases with removable
copper crochet  & all ornaments
may be cleaned with  dipping
into bowl of white vinegar with
salt added. Rise well in water,
dry. I use a blow dryer, only
takes a few seconds
#3          75.
Large  copper w/silver
#2       55.
Copper w/turquoise  
#5      45.
med copper tree
w/ beads & crystals
#4          45.
med. lrg  copper/crystals
# 1        50.
medium  copper
#9     45.     sm  
#8      55.       sm
copper w/silver
#7      55.
sm copper w/silver &
#13     45.
med  sculpted copper wire  w/
med turq blue crystals
#10           65.       med
crocheted copper w/crystals
#11      45.
Sculpted copper
w/crystals   med
#12        75.
lrg copper/silver & beads    
#6          35.
med copper w/crystals &
Cotton Crocheted on Vases
with a new twist & style
Larger "ginger jar" style, peach crocheted
cotton with ruffles and dangles worked in
continuously, with crystal accents and
frills.  About 10" high x 6" round               
Round glass vase w/crocheted on cork
lid, cream & sage green crocheted in
romantic style w/double flowers all
around.        $ 55.00
Very Unusual! Artistic, free-style, colorful, hand crocheted cotton on glass vases.  These are each
one-of-a-kind and a great gift for that special person.  Some have lids that are crocheted cotton over
cork.  These are artisan made and also useful. Would fit into any style of room decor, Victorian,
traditional, retro, romantic, and even contemporary.  This work is very difficult and time-consuming to
do.  Small vases can take up to three days, larger, up to a week.  So far as I know, I am the only
person doing these, especially, the ones in copper and silver wire.  Being made over glass, they are
fine for storing liquids as well as other things,  such as perfumes, cotton balls, spices, etc.
This one is very beautiful and romantic.
Mango yellow, embellished with crystals
and roses, is crocheted with free style
frilly top. Vase bulges at the bottom. Over
8" tall     $ 65.00
Flat, round bottle with crocheted over
cork lid. Crocheted black cotton with
purple crocheted ribbon
embellishment. Retro-romantic design
about 4"" high       $ 48.00

1) Purple & sage green, over 6" tall, free style design, ruffles on top and down sides.  $ 55.00

2) Flat, round  purple vase w/crocheted on cork lid, crocheted iris and poppy flowers in
purple & cream.      $ 60.00

3) Hourglass shaped vase, purple w/frilly ruffles on top & down the sides.  $ 60.00
Tall, fluted wine bottle from Italian winery,
crocheted copper in tight, free-form
contemporary design, creating deep rows
and large, frilly ruffles going halfway down
the bottle, ending with glass crystals hanging
down.   One of a kind.     $  125.    
Tall glass vase, slightly bowed in center,
crocheted copper lower half with textured
leather top half, contemporary design.
One of a kind.   8" high      $ 65.
Tall cylinder clear purple vase, with
crocheted silver wire, top & bottom. Purple
glass balls hang from silver wires.
Contemporary in design.  7.5" high  $ 85.
Crocheted cotton mini gloves,  fits
through fingers, romantically stylist &
comfortable.. many are embellished
with tiny pearl or crystal beads.
$ 20. pr
Med purple glass vase with lid, crocheted at
neck with copper w/ lots of various pendants
& crystals dangling  down the side.  7.5" tall
4" tall flat, round glass vase artfully
wrapped in textured leather & finished
off with antiqued  copper chain & tassel
    $ 50.
brown leather.  8" tall    $ 75.