Specializing in Silver and Copper Designs
graceful swirl
silver and
amber ring
$65     #n201
sturdy silver wrap
ring with large
aventurine stone
$65  #n206
sz 7 1/2  sold
sturdy wrapped
silver ring w/large
citrine chunk  
$45.  #n212
silver ring
amazonite stone
$45  #n217
Sterling silver child's
bracelet  with adorable
copper heart
$ 45.      
3/4" silver cuff bracelet
w/"butterfly  trail"  
copper design. satin &
polish finish
$125    m/lg
triangle, hammered
copper, silver earrings
w/copper/silver dangles
$65    #230     
unusual & graceful silver
& copper designer pendant
floats from sterling silver
neck ring. pendant, 2"
$75.    #246  
Gorgeous sculpted, hand tooled,
etched silver butterfly pendant
approx 2".  silver chain included
Bold & Beautiful this classy necklace set, of black
onyx pillows & double strand disks of abalone
w/smoky quartz crystal beads. matching earrings
w/ss    $260.
Verified ancient green Bactrian glass between
copper beads & dangling mixed pieces w/ olive
jade & fresh water pearl beads. Accented
w/hammered copper & Ancient glass pendant  
#2003       $875..
Verified  and rare ancient white Bactrian glass
between long, white fresh water pearl, green
glass encased in hammered sterling silver.
#2002      $987.
Rare and Unusual, Each, One of a Kind
Dynamic ss wrap ring w/med
faceted clear crystal stone.
sterling wraps up & on top
ending in delicate loop.
#1001       75.
sturdy copper wrap
ring w/ copper wire
going thru & around
smokey quartz glass
crystal stone
#1002   $55
copper wrap ring w/ lrg
faceted drk amethyst
#1003     $65
wide band copper wrap
ring w/ light smokey
quartz  lrg faceted glass
crystal stone
#1004     $55
stunning copper wrap
ring w/ deep ruby-red
faceted glass stone
#1005   $60
Copper wrap ring
with lrg smokey
Quartz glass crystal
#1006       $55.
Copper wrap ring
with lrg golden
glass crystal
#1007    $55
SS/purple jade  butterfly
earrings. 2" lng
#200      $45.
SS filigree pillow/ purple
jade earrings 2" lng
#201   $45.
styled & hammered coiled
leaf copper  earrings 1.5"
#204        45.
Split band sterling silver, hand
crafted medallion center bracelet
#302        195.
antiqued copper beads, smokey quartz
beads w/ lrg smokey glass crystal center
bead. magnetic closure  sz med
#305          55.
Ancient relic Bactrian glass and hammered copper
necklace.  Glass floats between hammered
copper pieces, abaloni and amazonite beads with
hammered copper pendant w/ copper & glass
beads. #2004    $875.
Two necklace sets
A. Wing-Ding red coral & detailed copper. One of a kind set.18"
# 2010      $235.  (includes matching earrings)

B. Diamond shaped mother of pearl & red coral. 18".    french
wire earrings.  # 2011    
TWO Necklace Sets
A. Natural blue coral, blue chalcdoney & antiqued
copper,  2-strand necklace,  20"  # 2012     $235.

B. Purple amethyst &. antiqued copper bead necklace.
# 2013        
Rings & Things
More Necklaces
Unusual, funky sterling &
sculpted copper rose ring.
band is folded &
hammered, tappered at
one end.
# 1115      $110.
Copper ring
w/sterling side
design, sculpted
copper rose center.
#1116     $150
Swarov. crystals, FW pearls, natural olive jade & silver
combine to make this unique & one of a kind necklace
set. Crystals are very reflective, and compliment this
unusual combination. Seductive & glamorous.
#2020                 $220.
Exquisite copper beads with turquoise, relic Roman glass, FW pearl, crystal and
purple jade make this antique medium chain necklace one of a kind. Enjoy the
ohs and ahs as you reap the benefits from the copper and natural stones next to
your body. call or email to order
#2021       $285                     (
The lightest of pink FW pearls with Swarovski crystals go
together to create this lovely, poetic necklace set. earrings
#2022                         $245.
Med textured copper wide loop
earrings. beautiful design. stud
ear wire
#260            $45.
Copper earrings
w/fire-colored copp beads &
aquamarine stones. dangle
#262       $55
half-hoop earrings.
stud earwire.
#261            40.
Brushed copper discs
w/ancient-relic green glass beads
#gl 1            $65  
sterling silver & aqua
ancient relic glass earrings
#gl 2      $65.
copper & green ancient
relic glass earrings

# gl 3     $65
brushed copper discs/ green ancient
relic glass earrings

# gl 4       $65
copper wrapped
ring with beautiful
purple stone,
sculpted copper
finish design
copper quad
band ring, purple
jade & glass
crystals swirl on
top  sz 6 1/2
# 1022   $75.
copper ring with
stones.    sz 6
# 1023   $ 45.
One of a kind, antiqued copper chain necklace set with
shades of green, ancient, relic glass disks.
shipping includes insurance
or call to order; (505-469-8644
Very elegant & one-of-a-kind crocheted copper necklace
set with miniature  green glass crystal dangles.
matching earrings may be smaller if requested.
                               $ 285.
Copper tri-band
ring,  grn glass
crystals divides
swirls. sz 7
# 1021       $ 80
Sturdy copper
tri-band with
jade & grn glass
crystals.  sz 7
# 1020    $75
Med long, unusual necklace, carnealian, hemitite, FW
pearl, agate and jasper beads with carved and
wood-burned gourd feathers.   $75.
New necklace, Ancient relic Roman aqua colored glass shows off
beautifully with these extra large brushed copper discs and beads.
This is One-of-a-kind med length necklace.          250.

or email me at
New Necklace, double copper chain with center peach and sapphire glass
crystals, and dangles of mixtures of crystals, copper beads and a smaller
center of blue Roman relic glass. Beautiful copper and crystal toggle closure.
I carry many earrings that would compliment this med-length necklace.  190.
Small delicately tooled copper cuff bracelet. Light
weight.               65.
Brushed copper wavy discs
w/emerald green glass crystals.
gl 10                 $65.                     
long earrings, green relic glass in
between pink glass crystals.
gl 12                55.
The Blackberry Patch in the Trillium
Center in Townsend
Sculpted and hammered copper necklace set with red
bamboo coral (color enhanced)  necklace is
adjustable with chain linkage.
Matching earrings, bracelet and ring

necklace...295.     earrings....65       ring...........65     
stretchy   coral & copper  bracelet....65.
Silver tone triple chain necklace with vintage silver tone pendant
with topaz center. two semi transparent gemstones on each
side, and several topaz crystal 12mm beads scattered around
necklace. One of a kind . Matching earrings available.
at The Townsend Artisans Gallery.                  75.
copper wrap ring with
two round  green
relic Bactrian glass
and accented with
copper beads.    $75.
Sturdy sculpted, copper wrap
ring, gracfully sculpted and is
accented with a relic teal,
Bactrian glass piece.   $75.
Sturdy copper wrap ring.
Double-Sculpted and
finishes with deep teal
relic Bactrian glass. One
of a kind design   $75.