Hammered & sculpted copper
earrings w/ green
turquoise chunk           
 $ 60
Green turquoise with
hamered & filigree
copper necklace
                                Artgecko Southwest Fine Art              
                                                                 &  The Copper Edge
                                                                          by Santa Fe Artist  Diana Dearen


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hamered copper
silver line earrings
#020        55.  
Oval copper swirl
earrings           $ 50
The Copper Edge  Jewelry  
Specializing in Handcrafted Copper & Silver Jewelry and Gifts
Hammered, polished
copper, long  squiggly
copper 5 band ring
w/squared /apple coral  
stone w/sculpted copper
jewelry designs are copyright by Diana Dearen @ Artgecko Southwest Fine Art , LLC  and Federally registered     and The  Copper Edge
hamered & oxidized copper pendant
with silver design
2"x 2" Can be ordered with silver or
copper wire choker
shaped copper necklace
w/ tooled & silver inlay
pendant  2"x 2"  
hand worked brass
lightning bolt w/ silver
center earrings    $60
Simply elegant hammered copper neck
ring, 2 piece, hammered, textured,
Egyption-look pendant
#2011           85.
Hammered copper neck ring. Coiled
top-centered, squiggly lower center.
#2012       80.
sculpted & hammered rounded copper
pendant w/ SS & copper roses. Con SS
or copper neck ring. specify neck sz
# 2014           $115
Hammered & styled copper &
Sterling silver pendant on
choice of SS or copper neck
#2015         $ 135
copper/clear crystal
bead cluster on
copper wrap ring
# 1008    $55.
copper wrap ring,
copper/clear crystal
# 1009       55.
Exquisite 8m crystal beads, copper lined, &
copper beaded necklace, short, but not
choker. includes matching
earrings.                        Exclusive with
Copper Edge
# 2017                165.
Copper wrap rings
glass crystal    65.
real stones like the
second one,
amethyst          55.
See new page for
more selections
New Product:  Crocheted copper necklace
w/varigated gemstones in purple colors, purple
glass crystal beads
# Ccro n1                     $250
wrapped copper ring
w/purple stone to
match necklace
#1119     $55
New item: crocheted copper bracelet, cuff.
w/ purple crystal beads
1" wide, has clasp, wear as bangle, fits all
# cro b2         $85.
* 1-of-a-kind ,
copper wrap ring
w/sculpted copper
top around 5 green
ancient relic Roman
# a gr 3         95.
Exquisite copper
wrap ring, two
opalescent  ancient
relic glass discs
# agr  2         65.
Crocheted  copper cuff bracelet, narrow, with green
ancient relic Roman glass, can order wider cuff.
#  Ccro  b5              65.  
Copper wrap ring, top
swirl of green jade &
crystal beads    65.  
Copper wrap ring, top
& bottom swirls,
green crystals
Beautiful & different, this short necklace is copper &
several different colors and shapes of FW pearls, & 2
apple coral beads, double strand. matching earrings
# N 350                  135. set
Actually, two separate necklaces. Top, is a single
strand copper & bronzed crystal beads, matching
bracelet & earrings  
Bottom, double strand,  brown, large FW pearls &
amber-like & bronzed  crystal beads, matching
earrings shown.   bottom:         145. set
special design copper earrings
w/ green ancient relic Roman
glass beads
# age  4              65.
Bold copper chain necklace full of clusters of coral,
carnealian, MOP, crystal and copper. earrings  20"
# N 360                 250.
amethyst  small
chunk on copper
wrap ring      65.
Purple jade, &
crystal beads on
copper wrap ring  65.
Unique copper earrings
Beautiful, double crocheted copper wire necklace,
brushed copper disc, turquoise bead, earrings.
# Ccro n6                   165.            
Delicate & feminine, this cream color cotton crocheted
necklace & earring set is accented with copper crystal
beads and a beautiful broach-like center piece with
dangles.   # cro n 12                        105.
Beautifully crocheted sage color cotton necklace
w/attached  crystal & green FW pearl beads broach pin.   
Matching earrings
# cro  n10                                80.
Purple hand-crocheted cotton necklace, w/ long
peacock color FW pearls surrounded by purple
crystal beads
# cro  n11               65.
Assortment of crocheted cotton or bamboo fiber
earrings, many go with my other crocheted items.
More styles & colors are being added daily.
# cro e  3-8          35.
Wide cuff  bracelet, hand crocheted copper  with
varying colors of green crystals.  semi-flexible   
Hand crocheted wide copper cuff (flexable) bracelet
w/lrg clear glass oval crystal . handmade copper closure.
Surprisingly comfortable to wear.         105.
Now available at the Pop-Up Sedona gallery in Sedona, AZ
Hand crocheted wide copper cuff, , differently crocheted into a tube,
then lightly flatened and then fasteners added to form into a bracelet.
It is filled with lots of bronzetone glass crystals. Very elegant.  Is very   
 available    at the Townsend Artisan
new bracelet, copper wire base, lrg satin copper
beads, lrg purple fire-burnished crystal beads.
lobster claw closure.         85.
To order   or for questions  call     (505)469-8644
ss & sage crystal
dangle earrings
ss & smokey
topaz color
crystal, clear
crystal earrings
Copper Edge jewelry is or has
been carried at these fine shops
or galleries;
The Copper Art Museum

The Buffalo Thunder Casino
Hilton Resort; Gift shop, upstairs
Santa Fe, NM  (505)455-5555

The Blackberry Patch shop in the
Trellum center, Townsend, TN

The Pop-Up Gallery, Sedona, AZ