My neighbor's house in town, typical Santa Fe
style home
Artgecko Southwest
Fine Art
by Diana Dearen
was created in 1999 while
traveling and living all
over the Rocky Mountains
These are some of the
things that inspire me
here in New Mexico,as
well as the mountains,
deserts and Canyons.
Thanks for sharing these
with me.
September morning glories
My backyard on
Christmas day 2006
                                    About the Artist  
I grew up with an artist father in TN in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and always  knew from early childhood that I fit
comfortably along with nature. I spent most of my time growing up out in the woods and fields, and of course, with my
grandparents on their farm. Along with painting along with my father, I was always making things out of  any found objects.  I
even helped him with his photography, doing his own developing. After raising my family, I traveled around the country alone,
mostly the Rocky Mountains. I lived & worked as a cowgirl in NM, AZ & NV for five years. But it didn't take me long to discover
New Mexico and began working with wood, stone, pigments and eventually metals. Today I still do some sculpting. From 1999
through 2003 I taught art and wood sculpting in community colleges in NM and HI, as well as at the Ohkay-Owinghee Indian
Pueblo school and private classes. I worked as the arts editor for the Rio Grande Sun newspaper 2000-2001. I attended three
different colleges for five years, majoring in TV Broadcast News & Telecommunications in CA, and then studio arts, Indian Art
History, Southwest and Indian History, including the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. I lived for a while in Sedona, AZ
, again, to be back to the red rocks, juniper and deep blue skies of the Southwest, where I feel the most at home after traveling
around the country; back east and CA.  I enjoyed  the smell of the ocean air with eucalyptus in the coastal areas in CA again, and  I
was in TN in the mts. for a year but was very glad to be back in the west.  I am now back home in Santa Fe, NM.
I enjoy working in all my mediums, depending on my mood. I do art because I love doing it, and it is a big plus when viewers
tell me how they are touched by my work.  I'm inspired by the natural world around me. The more I'm inspired, the more I just
want to hibernate and work. It's the same with my jewelry design.     
I gladly welcome questions and offers.       My jewelry is sold in several galleries :
The Pop-Up Sedona Gallery in Sedona, AZ   &   Blackberry Patch in Trellium Center in Townsend, TN   
The Buffalo Thunder Casino & Hilton Resort
in Santa Fe, NM  ( Large sculpture in Gift Shop upstairs)

Call  (505)469-8644       email me @   or
                                                                    Artgecko Sculpture
My inventory of sculpture is low at this time, but I will be adding more as time goes along. Be sure to check in this site for updates in all sections
                                                                               The next sculptures will be in Copper
Wind in her hair,     Alabaster  stone
Back view is an abstract
of old Pueblo ruins
#31         $800
Family History
Pinion sculpture
# 29     $900
western cedar, 3/4 scale life size
Partial back, side  showing, contains
6 eagles, 1 hawk, 2 faces,  


Note: This piece is on exhibit in the
upstairs gift Shop at the
Buffalo Thunder Hilton Casino
Resort  near Santa Fe, NM
Flowers in my garden
Along  the foothills
and hiking trails
in summer
Awesome sunsets like this red rain sunset
Canyon cliff dwellings, some of my favorite places for inspiration. This is White
House Cliff Dwellings in Chaco Canyon. I camped out here on Mother's Day.
My Photo Gallery of the Southwest   
Tight squeeze, Tent  Rocks on Cochiti  Indian
Pueblo, sw of Santa Fe. This where the Aliens
lived in the movie, 'Cowboys and Aliens',  when
filmed here around Santa Fe.
Snowstorm in Nov
My friend David & me at SF Indian
Market 2007.  Check out  David's
page here on this site under Pottery
winter moon viewed thru
Abiquiu village ruins
My hollyhock & sage garden
My driveway at the ranch
Angela Baca, David's mother at her
booth at the Santa Fe Indian Market.
Angela is a well-known Santa Clara
potter. Her work is also on display in
The Smithsonian Institute  in
Washington, DC.
Bebe, one of my cats sleeping with
his favorite snuggle monkey.
Which is real & which is stuffed !
This old corral is next to my house. Look at my view!
smokey red afternoon sun because of
enormous fires in Arizona & NM, 6-5-11
The colors of Fall
Winter sunset
Woman in a Blanket
Jelutong wood sculpture,  12" X 8" X 3"
$ 600.
Our dear Angela has passed away
recently and will be missed by many.