On the Road Back to Santa Fe
  Summer of 2014
Back To Santa Fe
Giant Sunflower in Jan's garden
Looking from Hillside Plaza in Sedona
South wall & garden at Jan's house..what a wonderful place to rest
from a long journey!
My artist friend's house looking toward Mesa Verde, CO...almost home.
During the winter in January, 2014,  On a walk in
the foothills in Tucson, AZ
Hot air balloons flying over my house in Sedona, AZ...In
April & May of 2014
Where I lived for nearly two months in Canby, OR, to be closer to my
kids and grandkids....beautiful place, but too many people , traffic and
noise for me
On my way out of Oregon, May 24...absolutey NO where
to stop to take any scenery pics !!!
Idaho was beautiful...and Hot!  Lots of farming and
ranching..but I could smell a lot of chemical fertilizer!
Southern Utah was beautiful...of course..because it's in the southwest!
Flowers and patio on the back side of Jan's house with hummingbirds always
from Jan's house