Day  Traders &  
Tail-gaters on the
outside of the core
tents and Large
Summer : The Flea @ the Downs    in Santa Fe, NM
Inside the Big Tent;
Things for the sportsman, &
Antiques...vintage...collectables...Bebees Stuff
The Copper Edge,   (Two  views  )  my little shop in Big Tent,
Meet some of the happy & fun merchants
Gently used equine supplies. These were
mine, I practically gave them away.
Ijaz with his Indus Valley beads & relics
Diana (Copper Edge) &
Rita with her vintage goods
Ann & Alan, Coyote Paws
Alma, with Resurrection, remake of vintage
clothing & jewelry
Don't know this little
lady's name, but she
was just too cute
taking a snooze
Brendan, Beebes stuff, vintage & collectables
First monsoom
rainstorm at the
Flea. The day was
finished & nothing
got destroyed. All
this water came
from outside the
tent & just passed
through.  We all
knew to not leave
anything of value
on the floor.  We
SO needed this